Christmas Gifts

Joey's prepared an assortment of delicious gifts for various occasions in Christmas Celebrations:

For gatherings celebrating Christmas together, we have presentable gifts for all to enjoy;

For party-goers, there are great gifts and smaller tasty goodies perfect for gift-exchange;

GIFT43 ($43/pack), 4" x 4",
5 assorted cookies & 1 Matcha Xmas Cookie

GIFT49G ($49 each cookie)  Gingerbread man GIFT139 ($139/box, Customized message on cookie bear allowed for 5 boxes or more), 3.5" x 3.5" x 5", 8 pcs of BonBon + 90g of cookies +
1 Special Message/Name on each bear,
GINGER ($139), Giant 7" Gingerbreadman with decorations, authentic ginger taste in elegant and giant box (6.25" x 8" x 0.75")

XDJ ($239), 3.5" diam. x 5", Chocolate Dragree Jar with 150g of high-grade roasted hazelnuts coated in chocolate
XBB ($139) 3.5" diam. x 5",  Petit Cookie Jar with 125g of assorted cookies and Xmas Matcha Cookie XJ ($239), 3.75" diam. x 6", Cookie Jar with 250g of assorted cookies and Gingerbread Man

Enjoy the festival with our signature Rainbow à la Crème cake,
made from Korean strawberries and fluffy fresh handmade whipped cream.
4" $239 / 5" $339 / 6" $439 / 7" $539
Taste the real thing without the usual hardened texture by canned or tubbed cream.
Order in time and we can prepare the cake at the right time for you at its freshest.

X'mas Deluxe Gift Box XDBOX ($499), 12" x 9" x 2.5", 14 packs of assorted cookies and 1 gingerbread cookie

X'mas 12 Assorted Cookies X12T ($399), premium cookies in an elegant cookies can and 1 gingerbread cookie

Tranquility of Tea XTTIN  ($209), 4 tea flavours of  assorted cookies including 1 matcha Christmas Tree Chocolate Paradise XCTIN ($209), 8 chocolate  flavours of  assorted cookies including 1 matcha Christmas Tree
Flourless Sea SaltCashew Cookie XSTIN  ($239), flourless sea salt cashew cookies including 1 matcha Christmas Tree Joey's Petite Signature Collection X8TIN  ($229), 8-flavours assorted  cookies including 1 matcha Christmas Tree
Almond Crisps Tin ACT  ($189), almond crisps La Truffe Noire XNTIN  ($229), truffle noir cookies

BonBon Tin BONTIN ($178)

XCake1, (4" @ $259, 8" @ $499) Santa with reindeer. Enjoy the festivity while savouring a genuinely high-quality chocolate heaven comprising crispy chocolate, 64% chocolate mousse, chocolate truffle and chocolate sponge cake