Chinese New Year

Joey's would like to wish all its guests a great year ahead.  For Chinese New Year, we prepared  presentable gifts for all to enjoy including gift boxes and jars with well-made "Fortune" cookies, making your gift truly personal, elegant and presentable (not to mention excellent taste.)

Butter Addiction NBTIN  ($199), our butter cookies extravanga including 1 CNY plaque (250g) CNY Deluxe Signature Collection (520g, 12 flavours, $399)
CNY Chocolate Paradise Tin (~250g, $209) CNY Tranquility of Tea Tin (~250g, $209)
CNY Flourless Sea Salt Cashew Cookie Tin (~310g, $239) CNY Almond Crisp Tin (~200g, $188)
CNY La Truffe Noire Tin (~240g, $229) CNY Joey's Petite Signature Collection  (~260g, $229)

Palmier Bon Bon Tin ($178) 『福』 樽 (~120-130g, $139) /
 『大吉揮春』樽 ( ~250-260g, $239)
Palmier Bon Bon Box ($88)

CNY Ultimate Gift Box ($499) with 600g of assorted cookies + CNY plaque