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Whole Cake

Our large selection of whole cakes are all based on the finest and in-season materials made with meticulous care. They are artistically elegant and is great for all kinds of occasions. Don't forget to visit the section on our famed Napoleon cakes!

Slice Cakes

The slice cakes are perfect for enjoyment of everyone. We also entertain request of slice cakes as farewell gifts.

Wedding • Multi-layer

Want a elegant wedding cake which matches the sacred and formal occasion while showing fine taste? Joey's wedding cakes will be the perfect accompaniment to your joyous occasion.

2D Shaped Cakes

Add fun to your cake with special shapes which is both tasteful if not with some humour. We do not sacrifice taste for such special requests. Choose from the various cake choices and consult us on making it just right for you.

3D Cakes

Make the occasion more fun with 3D cake of a favourite special object or toy. Our refined workmanship do not skimp on detail, making the cake a real source of joy and wonderment.


Why not add a memorable image or photo as part of the cake. Making the occasion more delightful, it will standout and be enjoyed by all.

Cartoon Head Cakes

For little children, nothing is more exciting than a cartoon / toy character. Make it more fun but with a great quality cake which you will definitely enjoy eating as well while the kids have the memorable time of their lives.